6 PM Conferences That Project Managers Shouldn’t Miss

PM conferences are one of the best ways to develop your PM skills while earning Professional Development Units (PDUs). As a PMP, we know that you have to earn at least 60 PDUs every 3 years—but with your lives being as hectic as they are, who has the time? That’s why we want to help you gain as many PDUs as possible with minimal effort on your part. One of the best ways to earn PDUs is through attending PM conferences.

What are the best project management conferences worldwide?


Washington, DC

This PM conference is all about furthering Agile principles and providing a space where Agile practitioners can connect. You can read about our top picks of what not to miss from this event here.

Project Management and Business Analysis (PMBA) Conferences 

Various locations 

These leading conferences are geared towards providing training and education for project management and business analyst professionals. With multiple locations to choose from, you can pick a date and time that works best for you. PDUs are earned for every hour attended.

PMI Global Conference – North America

Philadelphia, PA

This PM conference features over 80 education sessions, a TED talk, and many more inspirational talks from experts! You’ll learn new practices that you can apply immediately and can earn up to 18 PDUs.

PMO Symposium

Denver, CO

This conference is for PMO professionals looking to expand their network and take their PMO into a more strategic and forward-thinking route. Hear about the latest insights and join them for a TED discussion at this year’s conference. 


Various locations

This is technically a series of seminars, but we’re including it on the list because it offers the option to earn up to 28 PDUs and is a great option to develop your PM skills. With varying locations, this educational series allows you to stay near to home and network with local professionals. 

Digital PM Summit

Orlando, FL

As the name suggests, this is a project management conference for digital project managers. There are both speakers as well as a full workshop day, so you have the option to hear from experts and then receive more hands-on training with small groups of like-minded professionals.

Why PM Conferences Are Important

Project management is constantly evolving. It seems like every day brings with it new technologies, trends, methods, and ideas. So how can a project manager stay up-to-date with all the changes? By making sure that they attend at least a couple of PM conferences every year. By taking the initiative to visit a few of these conferences, you open the door to learning about the best new project management practices while also building your network.

Still need convincing? (Or rather, does your boss still need convincing?) Here’s a few more points that you can drop about why you should be attending PM conferences:

1. Networking opportunities

Despite how critical it can be for project managers to actively network with others in the industry, far too often they slack when it comes to taking those steps towards actually building their network. Being proactive in this area of your career has many advantages. Firstly, having a larger network means that you can find solutions or new ideas to help you successfully complete a project. Secondly, having a larger network means that you have access to more opportunities that can help you climb the ladder in your field.

2. Hear different POVs 

It can be a detriment to your work if you get too stuck in your own way of thinking. Gaining exposure to other points of views from other professionals and industry experts means that you learn about different approaches and methods that you can pull from your PM arsenal when you start a new project. 

3. Get inspired by others in your field 

Each PM conference offers its own range of inspirational keynotes and talks that are sure to inspire you in your PM career. The benefits of this inspiration are twofold. The first benefit is the obvious advantage that comes from being inspired to take positive action in your career. The second is the generation of new ideas and the momentum it gives. If you are feeling stuck, stagnant, or otherwise bored in your career, sometimes a hit of inspiration is just what you need to get you moving forward again.

4. Gain access to resources 

When you attend a PM conference, you get access to the latest research, tools and technology, methods, and more. In addition, the opportunity to meet new people means that you have more options and access to resources through the connections that you build.

5. Discover cutting edge research and development 

PM conferences are often used as a place to discuss and demonstrate the latest cutting edge research. If you want to stay up-to-date on new industry findings and development, PM conferences are one of the best places you can be.

6. Give you an opportunity to travel 

Many of these PM conferences require a bit of travel time but the upside is that you get to explore a new city (or a new country!) during the hours outside of the conference. For those of you who love to travel but don’t often get the opportunity to, PM conferences can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone by allowing you to advance your PM skills while enjoying time as a tourist in a new location.

7. Many are easily accessible online (via livestream or recording)

You don’t have to leave your home or office to reap the benefits of conferences. There are plenty of online conferences that you can attend. 

What Do You Think?

That covers our pick of 6 PM conferences that project managers shouldn’t miss. Are there any that you think we should add to this list? 

Let us know!


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